Guidelines for Presenters

1. Presentations

  1. 1) English is the official language for the presentations.
  2. 2) Each presenter is allotted 15 minutes for his/her oral presentation with 5 minutes discussion followed. All presenters are kindly requested to strictly observe the allotted presentation time.

2. Visual Equipment

A digital projector will be available for each presentation.

3. Presentation Data Submission

  1. 1) You are required to submit your presentation data (slides) into the host computer at the PC Data Registration Desk of the Reception on the 2nd Floor, at least 60 minutes before the session. If your session is early in the morning, please submit your presentation the previous evening. Your presentation data will be sent through LAN to your presentation room.
    All submitted slide data will be deleted after the Congress.
  2. 2) Please create your data as described below.
    • Operating software: Windows
    • Application software: Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or later (extension: .pptx)
    • Please use OS standard fonts (Century, Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, etc.) to prevent screen layout balance problems and garbled characters.
    • If the presentation is linked with fonts other than OS standard fonts or external files (still images, movies, graphs, etc.), please save the original data in the same folder.
    • The file name should be “(presentation number) _ (presenter name)”.
    • In order to prevent virus infection on the computer at the venue, please check the virus for the media beforehand with security software that has been updated to the latest virus definition data. We will also check if your file or media is not infected with the virus.
    • Please bring your data by USB, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or laptop computer.

4. Chairpersons and Presenters Meeting - Breakfast Meeting

Chairpersons and presenters must attend "The Breakfast Meeting" that to be held at Room 503 (5F) at 7:30 am on the day of your session. The 'Breakfast-Meeting' will be held for each session's Chairpersons and Presenters to get together and introduce each other as their session member. The 'Breakfast-Meeting' is scheduled for 1 hour including breakfast.